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Your Repair Pro request has been received

You will be contacted ASAP by a local qualified Repair Pro via email, text or phone.

Here's what happens next

We know how important your project or repair is. Pro Service Providers for your specified project or repair may not be available in your area. In those cases, your local hardware store or a 1.800.REPAIRS Customer Service Representative will contact you as soon as possible. Occasionally, Pro Service Providers may be willing to accept your project from outside your immediate service area. In all cases, you will be notified of the status of your request. Pro Service Providers are independent service providers and not affiliated with your local hardware store or 1.800.REPAIRS. All projects, repairs and home services are the sole responsibility of the Service Provider. Payment for services are made directly to Providers and all cost and fees for services are agreed upon by you and your Service Provider. Local participating hardware stores and 1.800.REPAIRS do not warrant or guarantee any service or repairs performed by Pro Providers. Please speak with your Service Provider with regards to warranties and guarantees before any work is initiated. If you have any questions, or need assistance please call the 1.800.REPAIRS Service Line at (941) 555-1212.

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