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Customers call 1.800.REPAIRS to find 
Home Repair Products and Home Repair Pros.

Calls can ring directly and to your store.

The most powerful phone number in the repair industry

1.800.REPAIRS is the unforgettable store phone number that's guaranteed to help your customers connect with your store faster and easier than ever before. When customers hear it once, they will remember it forever. When you advertise the number across your marketing channels coupled with in-store signage, you'll get more customer engagement for parts, tools, hardware, equipment, and repairs. You'll also be able to help your customers find the local service providers they need for their next home repair or project using the 1.800.REPAIRS Pro Provider Network.

To learn about all the benefits of 1.800.REPAIRS for hardware store owners, please contact the 1.800.REPAIRS Hardware Store Success Team using the form below.

For Hardware Store Owners Only

Yes! I'd like to learn more about all the benefits of the most powerful phone number in the hardware industry.

This form is for Hardware Store Owners only. There is no obligation. Please fill out the form below to receive a link with all the details of 1.800.REPAIRS and how you can grow your business and increase your inbound phone calls and engage more customers.

Your privacy is important to us. We will never sell or share your information.

Hardware Store Owner
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